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Knowledge Articles

Below are knowledge articles including lessons learned to effectively use helpdesk add-in, as well as solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to the app.

  1. Benefits of using a helpdesk based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  2. How to resize the case form in Outlook
  3. How to fix the error ‘One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match.’
  4. Using Microsoft Azure database for storing Team Helpdesk Settings
  5. Using SharePoint for storing Team Helpdesk Settings
  6. Using Exchange/Outlook database for storing Team Helpdesk Settings
  7. Using SQL Server database for storing Team Helpdesk Settings
  8. Using MS Access database for storing Team Helpdesk settings
  9. OLAP tool shows blank grid/chart
  10. why am I getting error ‘Permission was denied on the object…’ when starting Outlook?
  11. Case ID sorting issues
  12. How to cancel a case that was raised accidentally?
  13. How to have stakeholders and other users involved passively on a case?
  14. How to disable the Team Helpdesk Addin temporarily in Outlook
  15. Selective disabling of auto alerts to callers or technicians
  16. Ways of granting ‘Send on Behalf’ permission on a mailbox
  17. Case item on other’s Outlook does not reflect the latest changes made
  18. Steps to relocate existing Team Helpdesk folders
  19. Switch helpdesk database option from Access to SQL Server
  20. Problem with using Exchange/Outlook database option for production helpdesk
  21. Adding more information such as telephonic call details to an existing case
  22. Are there any steps to do w.r.t Team Helpdesk when migrating our Exchange server to newer version?
  23. Can I use Team Helpdesk without Exchange?
  24. I have registered Team Helpdesk. But every time I restart outlook, it prompts for license.
  25. If I make a new ticket from a phone-call, there is no last email message. How to write an email to the caller?
  26. Ideal permission level of each Team Helpdesk subfolders
  27. Certain users can’t see the Ongoing Cases folder in their Outlook.
  28. Can we have both Team Helpdesk Manager and Agent addins installed on the same machine?
  29. How to implement archiving of old resolved cases in Team Helpdesk
  30. Performance of Team Helpdesk on my Outlook is very sluggish.
  31. Why sometime replied emails from helpdesk are in plain format?
  32. Workaround/fix to ‘Unrecognized database format’
  33. I can’t see the case subject and body when I open a case.
  34. Why are emails getting moved to ‘Unprocessed Emails’ subfolder?
  35. The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine.
  36. Raising a new case after sending the initial lead/contact to the caller
  37. Viewing case form in one single page or in multiple pages (sections)
  38. Some columns in the Technicians/Problems/Assets/Callers list grid have disappeared!
  39. Configuring the outgoing account to use for automated alerts and replies in Team Helpdesk
  40. Define supervisors for each technician to whom SLA breach alerts would be sent to
  41. Configure Team Helpdesk to allow additional information to be inputted to the new case before it sends out the auto alerts
  42. How to prevent certain KB articles from being published on the CWS site
  43. Opening a case item in its form takes a long time to load
  44. Analyzing Time Spent data on cases in OLAP Statistics
  45. Color coding of Case items based on Case Status
  46. Understanding the Response Time and Due Time components of a SLA
  47. Notifying supervisors and managers on new ticket and assignments
  48. Configuring Team Helpdesk to selectively process tickets from email sent from trusted domains
  49. Ways to add and implement additional assets fields
  50. Making some custom fields available in the main section of the case form
  51. Team Helpdesk Agent menu not showing in Office 2010/2013 backstage view
  52. Replied emails are not updated to the case automatically
  53. Export the Tickets summary report to excel
  54. Can we have multiple allotment email templates that we can choose before sending out to the caller?
  55. Is there a way to see the total number of emails each case item has?
  56. Use one common list of problem types for all categories.
  57. Set due date of new cases X days ahead
  58. Adding custom fields in case form
  59. Customize the Team Helpdesk toolbar/ribbon placement in Outlook
  60. Configure Team Helpdesk agent add-in to track emails in multiple mailboxes
  61. Notify a group of contacts to when a case is raised.
  62. Associate a case with multiple stakeholders for receiving auto notifications
  63. Add our own prefix code in the case ID to outgoing and incoming emails
  64. Change the logo of the case form in Outlook with that of our company
  65. When I raised a new case from an email, the case ID is not set and shows as [Empty ID]
  66. Configure SLA response time to start from the request received date
  67. Can we include attachments to automated emails sent to the callers?
  68. Limit agents from entering their own values in the drop fields of the case form in Outlook
  69. Automatically search for the existence of problem type keyword in the email subject and assign as default values to the case
  70. Set Team Helpdesk to automatically assign default technician to a case based on the sender’s domain address
  71. I have the Team Helpdesk Agent on my Outlook. However, when I open a new or existing case item, the form does not show up.
  72. In the case form there is a new field ‘Problem Field’ linked with each ‘Problem Type’. What is the function of this field?
  73. I can’t see any cases in the Ongoing Cases folder, while some other users can see them.
  74. 2 parts of Team Helpdesk – Manager and Agent add-ins
  75. How to resize the case form in Outlook
  76. Case item goes missing from the Ongoing/Resolved Cases folder after adding/updating an email or attachment
  77. Behavior of helpdesk when multiple prefix code/IDs are present in subject of emails
  78. Login failed for user ‘SQLSERVER\USER’
  79. Understanding Reporting variables: Elapsed duration, Response Duration, Resolution Duration, Opern Duration
  80. Every technician gets a permission issue error when trying to raise a new case or save existing ones
  81. When I am disconnected from the Exchange, Outlook takes a long time to load and Team Helpdesk crashes.
  82. Configure Team Helpdesk Manager add-in to only auto-process incoming replies to existing cases in monitored mailbox
  83. When I run OLAP Statistics in Team Helpdesk, it throws an error “Couldn’t find file ‘\\Server\…\HelpdeskOLAP.mdb
  84. When I click ‘Self’ to assign a case to myself in the form, it takes a different name or account. How can I fix it?
  85. Is there any setting where I can set a particular mailbox (say, ‘Support@mycompany.com’) as the default account from which we send our support answers?
  86. Team Helpdesk add-in is installed, but does not show up in Outlook
  87. Migrating Team Helpdesk folders to a new location
  88. How can I add/attach files to a case item in Outlook?
  89. What is the difference betwen ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook’ and ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint’?
  90. Important steps when using a shared mailbox to install the Team Helpdesk folders instead of Public Folders
  91. How do I set Team helpdesk to notify a group of technicians that there is a new unassigned case?
  92. Best practices for automated Helpdesk that runs 24×7
  93. Is it mandatory to have one machine running the manager add-in for Team Helpdesk all the time?
  94. How to reset old settings and connect Team Helpdesk client/manager add-in to the new data source?
  95. How do I configure Technician Web Access (TWA) site in IIS?
  96. How do I configure Customer Web Service (CWS) on IIS?
  97. Office365 does not support public folder, then how to configure the Team Help desk folder in outlook?
  98. Team Helpdesk failed to send out outgoing emails using a specified common account. How do I fix it?
  99. Can I switch the helpdesk settings database option from Access to SQL Server option at later stage?
  100. How can I get an extended or fresh trial of Team Helpdesk for Outlook?
  101. Multiple Instances of Team Helpdesk folders for multiple support team
  102. “This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted!”
  103. How to assign a new case number to an existing case?
  104. Outlook freezes when I navigate to the Team Helpdesk Ongoing Cases folder. How can I fix it?
  105. Few technicians are getting message to configure the database connection, but not for others. How do I fix this?
  106. Asset inventory tracking and management in Team Helpdesk System
  107. I inadvertently deleted one of the Team Helpdesk subfolder in Outlook. How can I get a backup copy without re-installing the whole folders?
  108. Automatic assignment of technician to a newly created support case
  109. Automatically add due date appointment and task entries and enable Outlook reminders in the concerned technician’s mailbox
  110. Understand how Team Helpdesk System supports making calls using Skype
  111. Understand how Team Helpdesk System supports SMS using Skype
  112. Helpdesk best practice – Automating support case generation from incoming e-mail
  113. Service level agreements (SLA) and escalations in Team Helpdesk System
  114. Understand how Team Helpdesk System helps in the organization’s CRM needs
  115. Multiple edits have been made. The conflicting edits have been attached to the conflict message
  116. Differences between Issue Tracker and Team Helpdesk add-ins