Adding custom fields in case form

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If you have the requirements to collect more in-house information on the case, Team Helpdesk supports adding your own fields in the case form. And these fields are also automatically included in reporting/statistics.

You can deploy any number of custom fields that take different data types and these fields will be available in the Custom fields tab of the case form in Outlook, such that, when you are raising a ticket from an email or phone call, you can fill in the value directly. Under Team Helpdesk manager > Custom Fields panel, you can define such custom fields that take the following data types:  Text, Number, Currency, Yes/No, Date/Time, Note, List. All defined custom fields are available in summary reports and OLAP Statistics tool. Team Helpdesk Manager > Custom Fields

Some Custom fields defined with varied data types

 Custom Lists

the custom fields tab in the case form

Custom fields in Statistics