Perpetual License

Pay upfront one-time for license and renew support and upgrade contract annually

Choose between 4 perpetual licensing options – a Personal License for a one-person, single seat to Team License for 5 technician seats which is ideal and affordable trim for small helpdesk team, the Enterprise License allows a large organization to deploy this product to unlimited number of workstations/users within the organization. All these licenses are further divided in two different variants – Country and Global.

To use the software in multiple countries, you would need the global license variant, which allows unrestricted use and deployment of this product world-wide.

NOTE: Before you decide to make a purchase, it is recommended that you have a look at the comparison chart below for all the available perpetual license variants on offer.

Personal Edition


Personal License
Number of Seats


Support and Free Upgrades 3 years
Cost for use in one country (One-time license fee)


Cost for use worldwide (One-time license fee)


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Team Edition


Team License
Enterprise License
Number of Seats



MSI Installer for Easy Enterprise-wide Deployment
Setups without license activation (Ideal for closed systems and networks)
Multiple Instances for multiple departments, teams
Support and Free Upgrades 3 years 3 years
Cost for use in one country (One-time license fee)



Cost for use worldwide (One-time license fee)



By clicking ‘Buy Now‘ you will be directed to , our trusted reseller and Merchant of Record.

Perpetual License is valid life-time. 

However, technical assistance and free upgrades are bound to the validity of the Support and Maintenance Contract

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Limited Team License for 5 seats

What do you get with a Limited license?
  • Intended for small team of 5 agents or less.
  • Allows only one instance of the app to be used with a public folder or a shared mailbox.
  • Free Upgrade – 3 years
  • Support queries answered within 48 hours.

Limited Team and Enterprise Licenses

What do you get?

  • Avail certain features locked in the limited license.
  • Unlimited seats*.
  • Priority support and bug fixes. Support queries are answered within 24 hours.
  • Special version that does not require registering the license on every system
  • MSI installer for enterprise wide deployment available upon request
  • Included 3 years of AssistMyTeam Support and Maintenance Contract.
  • Free upgrade for 3 years.

* In Country Enterprise license (CEL), ‘unlimited users’ refer to employees within the organization specific to a country. Whereas, in Global Enterprise License (GEL), ‘unlimited users’ are the employees of the parent organization, as well as those from any subsidiary companies or locations elsewhere in the world. If you are a Multi-National Company (MNC) and would like to deploy this product in subsidiary companies located around the globe, you can opt for the Global Enterprise Licensing scheme. Read More…