Detach Attachments from Emails to File System

with Attachment Manager Add-in for Outlook

Make it easy to automatically detach attachments and images to local disk or network drive. Use embedded hyperlinks in the emails, for quick reference and retrieval of detached attachments. Optimize mailbox or PST size, make Outlook run faster.

How to detach attachments from emails and move to file system

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Detach attachments from emails to a global file folder, or optionally, choose a folder at run-time.
  • Automatically detach or delete attachments from the copy of emails present in the Sent Items folder.
  • Filter out certain attachments with specific extensions from detaching
  • Preserves inline images and hyperlinks in the processed email.
  • Re-attach files back to the original email.
  • Monitors multiple folders and mailboxes for incoming emails and automatically detach attachments.
  • Significantly reduce your Inbox size so that your Outlook is more efficient to startup, browse, search and index.
  • Remove the URL or re-attach related files when replying or forwarding the email.
  • Keep the size of your mailbox on the server well within the allowed limit.
  • Retains the attachment clip icon in the Outlook folder view, even after detaching all the attachments of the email.
  • Special MSI installer available for enterprise wide deployment*.
  • Support for pre-configuration of settings and pushing to multiple systems*.
    * Available to Enterprise License only
Available in multiple languages:
English Arabic France dutch Swedish Polish Italian Germany Turkish Spain Japanese
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Detach attachments from Office Outlook

How It Works - Detach Attachments to File System

Attachment Manager ribbon in Outlook 2016
Attachment Manager add-in toolbar and ribbon in Outlook

Attachment Manager Context Menu in Outlook 2016
Detach attachments option under context menu of Outlook

Strip down or detach attachments

To strip down and detach attachments from the email item, select it from your Inbox and click the ‘Detach‘ button from the toolbar. This will move all the attachment files to the the pre-configured file folder (outside of Outlook). At the same time, leaving behind the hard links of the files in the email itself, for easy retrieval and access.

Inbox folder just before detaching the attachments of the selected email:

Screenshot showing how to detach attachments from selected emails in Inbox

Inbox folder with the processed email after the attachments are detached:

Detach attachments stored in file system are now available as links in the emails

Re-attach related files back to the email

If you want all the attachments back to the email item, you can simply use the ‘Re-Attach‘ function. This action will put back all the related attachment files from the file folder to the email, in the original condition. As a result, the hard links from the body description will also be automatically removed.

Inbox folder with the re-attached files back in the email as attachments:

Re-attach attachment files back to the email in a click

Automatically detach attachments from emails

Don’t want to manually detach attachments from your emails? You can allow the add-in to monitor and track any number of mail-enabled folders and mailboxes for incoming emails. And detach attachments to a file folder and link them up within the emails. All in all, these are done seamlessly within Outlook and users will not even be aware of it.

To achieve this, just navigate to the Inbox or Outlook folder where you want the to apply the automation. And click ‘Folder & Auto Option‘ button. And that would prompt you with a dialog box where you can choose the destination folders (to place the detached files). You will also need to enable the 2nd option ‘Automatically detach attachments when new Outlook item is received‘ under the ‘Automation’ section.

E-mail monitoring settings on Outlook folders and mailboxes:

Configure option to automatically detach attachments when emails are received

Likewise, you will perform the same steps above, for every Inbox or Outlook folders, where you want to automate the detachment of files from incoming emails.

Selectively detach attachments based on extension

Have any attachment type that you want to retain in the email in Outlook? You can define your own list of file extensions and set the add-in, to only skip detaching attachments having that extensions.

The file extensions settings for selective detaching of attachments:

Define attachment extensions that are not to be detached

Control over the output

Want more control over the output? Attachment Manager add-in provides you the flexibility to customize naming scheme, refer links and location under processed emails, specify output folder etc.

Attachment Manager add-in Settings panel

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