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Knowledge Articles

Below are knowledge articles including lessons learned to effectively use ‘Email to PDF for Outlook’ add-in, as well as solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to the app.

  1. Combine multiple emails into one PDF with attachments
  2. Convert and save attachments to PDF files
  3. What is a PDF Portfolio file format?
  4. How to create a PDF Portfolio from an email or files?
  5. How to create PDF Portfolio from multiple emails?
  6. How to convert Outlook folder to PDF?
  7. What are the types of attachment I can produce PDF documents from?
  8. Can I produce PDFs from one or more ZIP files located within a ZIP attachment?
  9. Append to PDF – Add emails to an existing PDF file
  10. How to reorder the sequence of emails when combining into One PDF
  11. How to create a PDF document that requires a password to open?
  12. Automate the export of PDFs from incoming emails
  13. Apply security restrictions to PDF documents
  14. Add company logo as watermark in my PDF documents
  15. Add company name or copyright information in the footer section of the PDF output
  16. Adding page number to the PDF document output
  17. How to add my name or brand as watermark in my PDF documents?
  18. What Outlook item types are supported for exporting to PDF document format?
  19. How can I control the quality and size of the outputted PDF file?
  20. Use one or more of metadata from email to name the PDF output.
  21. Email to PDF Add-in is installed, but don’t show up in Outlook toolbar.
  22. Configure the add-in to place the email body at the end of the attachments in the One PDF file
  23. How can I define the date/time format while naming the output file?
  24. Convert files into PDF attachments before sending the email or meeting request
  25. Choice of placing the Email to PDF toolbar/icons in Outlook
  26. Control the sequence or chronological order of emails when they are combined into one PDF
  27. How to manually reorder placement of attachment files within the merged PDF document?
  28. Selectively ignore certain attachment types from being converted to PDF
  29. Ignore password protected PDF attachment from being included in the merged PDF document
  30. Automatically open the PDF output file or the output folder after generation
  31. Customize placement of Email to PDF toolbar in Outlook Ribbon
  32. What are the requirements for Email to PDF to generate PDF from emails?
  33. Do other people need to install Email to PDF add-in to open the PDF files generated by it?
  34. What can I do with Email to PDF add-in that I can’t with other PDF authoring tools?
  35. Deploy add-in settings to multiple users/systems
  36. How to configure to output as PDF/A?
  37. This workbook contains links to one or more external sources that could be unsafe.
  38. Save email as grayscale PDF documents
  39. Disable PDF auto convert feature while adding attachmens to email
  40. Difference between Professional and Standard license