Automate the export of PDFs from incoming emails

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You can automate the export of PDF documents from incoming emails including attachments.


1. Under Email to PDF toolbar/ribbon > ‘Automations’ menu, click ‘Automatic Export to PDF and other document formats’.

2. From the Automatic Export dialog box, click the “Select Folder” button to choose your Inbox or any other Outlook folder for PDF automation.

You can select a Mail/Post items folder ( ), or an appointment folder ( ), or a task folder ( ). This folder can be a public folder or a shared mailbox folder also.

4. In ‘Automatic Export’ dialog box, specify Destination file folder, where the PDF files will be stored, Document Name, the PDF file will take, and then Click ‘Confirm & Add’.

5. Click ‘Save Changes’ and you would get the following dialog prompt for confirmation:

If you have existing Outlook emails in the specified mailbox or Outlook folder, you can choose to start converting them to PDF files, or you can simply ignore it.

So, from now on wards, Email to PDF will monitor this particular mailbox or Outlook folder for any incoming emails, and PDF files will be generated from the email and attachments (if any) automatically.

NOTE: You can choose and control the PDF output options for the attachments (if any) in the incoming email under Outlook > PDF add-in toolbar > Output Settings > Attachments to PDF tab > For Automatically exported Emails section.

That is, you can choose to output each attachment to their corresponding individual PDF file (1st option), or you can choose to merge all attachments to one PDF file (2nd option), email file being separate or, you can choose to merge all attachments along with the email content to a single one PDF file (3rd option).

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