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Watch video tutorials that teach you how to install, configure and work with Timesheet add-in for Outlook and how to get the most out of your team using the advanced automation options.

Managerial Installation & Configuration

Configure a new project database, add or change drop down list for Projects, Activities, Custom Fields and deploy to all members. Set hourly rates, reporting and notification options for all members.

Preparing timesheets in Outlook

Establish Project database connection, choose own Projects and Activities, and reporting behavior in Outlook. Prepare timesheets in Outlook, record time and expenses against configured projects, report and publish to the database, make revisions or withdraw timesheet from the database.

Working with Outlook Views

Work with Team TimeSheet specific views in Outlook calendar and task folder, to ease recording, reporting and updating time and expenses information from Outlook. Present project information in timesheets in an understandable and intuitive way.

Generate Reports and Statistics

Generate summarized and aggregated reports on different time interval, analyze timesheets data in multi-dimensional view with OLAP Statistics and Reporting tool, export to Excel, PDF, XML or HTML and extract business intelligence.