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Below are knowledge articles including lessons learned to effectively use ‘Issue Tracker for Outlook’ add-in, as well as solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to the app.

  1. Workaround on Error ‘For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document’
  2. OLAP tool shows blank grid/chart
  3. Performance on my Outlook with Issue Tracker addin is very sluggish.
  4. The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine.
  5. Sender name does not get populated in SharePoint ticket
  6. Prevent the Issue Tracker toolbar from displaying in the default/home tab
  7. Workaround for “Cannot execute a program” error message
  8. Removing the HTMLBody mandatory field from mapping
  9. How can I see the ticket ID of the published ticket items in SharePoint?
  10. How can I see the ticket ID of the processed emails in my Inbox (Outlook)?
  11. Configuring the outgoing account to use for automated alerts and replies in Issue Tracker add in.
  12. Automatic embedding of existing ticket conversation information when making a reply to the caller from Outlook (in My Tickets and Search panels)
  13. Various ways of assigning technicians to a new ticket
  14. Forwarding a copy of the support request email to the assigned technician if the ticket was raised by another technician or manager
  15. How to set Issue Tracker to send out auto alert emails from multiple mailboxes?
  16. Fix to ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ error when searching tickets or accessing ‘My Tickets’ panel in Outlook
  17. Implementing parallel and independent Issue Tracker settings for 2 or more Teams/Departments
  18. The Issue Tracker toolbar is no longer visible, though it is installed.
  19. Wrong OS or OS version for application
  20. How can I prefill other information before raising a ticket from the email?
  21. When I mark a ticket as resolved in SharePoint using a web browser, it does not send notification.
  22. Technicians assigned from Outlook ticket form show up as empty in SharePoint ticket items.
  23. How to use Reject Workflow in Issue Tracking
  24. Issue Tracker failed to send out outgoing emails using a specified common account. How do I fix it?
  25. A user after changing the password in Active Directory (AD) can’t raise new tickets. Instead, it shows an error about invalid username or password. How do I fix it?
  26. When I enter the site URL into the Team Issue Tracker to connect to the SharePoint site, it is not authenticating and keeps coming up with the credentials logon. What am I doing wrong?
  27. How can I prevent Issue Tracker from adding the technician into the Outlook view of my Inbox?
  28. I have composed new KB articles on the SharePoint list. But how do we actually make use of it, in Outlook?
  29. I have raised a ticket from an email. However, the ticket item in SharePoint list got deleted. Can I raise another ticket from the same email?
  30. I have to manually click the ‘Add Reply to Ticket #[Ticket Number]’ button to update new email replies to an existing ticket. Is there a mechanism to automate this functionality in Issue Tracker?
  31. I have a mailbox and I want Issue Tracker to monitor and process only emails that are related to existing tickets. And leave the new emails intact. Is this functionality possible?
  32. How can I configure Issue Tracker to automatically raise tickets from new incoming emails without needing my input?
  33. Can I let Issue Tracker to set due date of new tickets based on my specified days ahead?
  34. Move the processed emails in Outlook to another folder
  35. Define custom fields to accept additional ticket data when raising ticket to SharePoint
  36. Get an extended or fresh trial of Team Issue Tracker
  37. I have enabled due date lapsed notification still I m not getting any emails. What am I missing?
  38. How can I work with tickets that assigned to me, from my Outlook?
  39. Can I export the Tickets summary report to excel?
  40. I see some placeholder variables in the Summary reports, such as ‘Open Duration’, ‘Resolution Duration’ and ‘Elapsed duration’. What are these and how are they computed?
  41. No custom fields are shown in the ticket form even when I had defined them in the admin panel
  42. Our helpdesk policy dictates that due date of the ticket should be set later on, after the ticket has been raised. Is there a mechanism in Issue Tracker where new ticket gets the due date field as empty?
  43. In the ticket form in Outlook, I am unable to input a time spent value. It shows a message “To enable input of Time Spent value, map the ‘TimeSpent’ field to a SharePoint field”. What am I missing?
  44. What are the various email notification options available in Issue Tracker?
  45. How do I set Issue Tracker to automatically take a default problem category, type and status on newly generated tickets?
  46. I want all the outgoing email replies from the helpdesk to be sent from a common account. Is that possible in Issue Tracker?
  47. I want the technicians to be able to add their own problem and status value instead of limiting it from a few pre-defined values in Outlook and SharePoint. How can I achieve it?
  48. What is Tracking Code, and what is its use?
  49. Fix to ‘The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator’
  50. Differences between Issue Tracker and Team Helpdesk add-ins