No custom fields are shown in the ticket form even when I had defined them in the admin panel

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I have defined some custom fields under Team Settings menu. However, in the ticket form in Outlook, no custom fields are displayed. Instead it shows “There are no custom fields defined or mapped for this list”. What am I doing wrong?

If you have this message displayed “There are no custom fields defined or mapped for this list”, it either means you haven’t defined any custom fields or, that these custom fields are not mapped to the SharePoint fields.
If you have not defined any custom fields, do so from ’Issue Tracker > Team Settings > Customs List or Custom Fields’.
And then open the mapping panel for the particular SharePoint list under ‘Team Settings > Configure SharePoint Ticket Lists’, to perform the mapping for the custom fields. Note that, custom fields are presented with a green back-color, and each of the field either starts with CF_ or CL_.

Now, you will be able to view your custom fields defined and mapped in the ticket form under custom field section.