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AssistMyTeam Support

At AssistMyTeam, we’re committed to giving you the best support for all the products that we carry and more! That reflects in our offering of 3 years support and maintenance contract FREE on every purchase of our product. The AssistMyTeam support contract helps you use our products as successfully as possible and address any issues that you encountered during the course of deployment.

Online Knowledge Base

As an initial step for any technical question or issue, please check our online knowledgebase to see if an answer is already available.

Sales Support

For any query on support for purchases, payment types, licenses, please contact directly to the Sales Team.

Technical Support

For any queries which are of technical nature, you can reach AssistMyTeam Technical Support via e-mail. Our support hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT, excluding weekends. Please be aware we will respond to technical e-mail queries from customers without a valid support contract as best we can, but please understand that support for our customers with support contracts takes priority. To expedite faster, you can use the online ticket form to submit your support request!

Support Contact - Frequently Asked Questions

For more on our policies on support and maintenance, refer to our FAQs link.

Online Remote Assistance

If you are having trouble with any of our product, there is an option for assistance directly from us through the Internet (provided you have a high speed connection). We can also offer installation, training and support by connecting directly to your computer. All that's required for a remote assistance session is for you to install either Skype for Business (formerly Lynx) or TeamViewer. You will be given a session name to connect to with a password via e-mail to establish the remote session. No router/modem/firewall configuration changes are needed to access the remote session your PC even when it's standing on a protected network behind a firewall/NAT.

Note: we may be limited in the amount of support we can provide if anyone of these or other similar remote support tool is not available to us. All customers with valid support contract are eligible for remote assistance.

Maintenance and Updates

We periodically release updates to existing versions, and also complete new versions, of our software products. These updates and new versions are covered by our annual support maintenance contract. Each acquisition of our team collaboration products requires a support maintenance contract, which guarantees that you will receive all software changes, whether a small update patch or a whole new version, for the period of the contract. Check out the fee structure for annual renewal of support and maintenance contract.