PDF Merger

Combine and merge multiple PDF and other documents to one PDF file

Merge your PDF files and any number of your office documents, email files, images, archived compressed files, folders and nested subfolders and more than other 120+ formats to one PDF file, in a click. Add bookmarks or references for each file into the one PDF file for easy navigation of the documents within the PDF file.

Available as a free version with additional paid features.

Product Summary

  • Merge multiple PDF files as continuous pages into one PDF.
  • Automatically convert and combine any non-PDF files into one PDF.
  • Optionally choose if files are to be embedded as attachments or merged as pages to the PDF.
  • Embed files that can’t be converted to PDF pages as attachments in the one PDF file.
  • Support conversion of 120 or more file types into PDF.
  • Add table of contents or bookmarks for all the files or documents merged into one PDF file for easy navigation.
  • Retain attachments (if any) from the individual files into the merged PDF file.
  • Set security restrictions to PDF files e.g., ability to edit or print.
  • Secure PDF documents by setting a user password for viewing.
  • Convert multiple files or folders and nested subfolders into PDF in batch mode.
  • Apply watermark image or text to PDF (i.e., company logo or name).
  • Add page numberheader and footer information in PDF such as copyright or disclaimer information.
  • Automatically fix photos to fit the page in the resultant PDF.
  • Convert documents to PDF/A standard for archiving and long-term preservation.

Overhead with working & sharing multiple files

You have multiple documents on a project, topic or subject. Without a proper technique of filing, storage and management of such large number of documents, one would find it a menace when searching for the right document when in need. Moreover, it’s particularly frustrating too when sharing your files with others. Because you may have to attach your files as individual attachments in email. Above all, you may have to explain what a particular file is for and does what etc.

Not only the process is time consuming, but an overhead as well in dealing with multiple files with the same set of steps, but one at a time. This can wear anyone down and the whole exercise can be counter-productive.

Combine related files into one PDF file

When you are dealing with multiple documents on a project or client or presentation, it would just work better if your numerous documents and files are combined into a single file. In fact, in typical workplace or business environment, multiple documents naturally belong together. For instance, quotation, sales order and invoice, or an email and its attachments. Combining such documents together makes it easy to see their relationship.Hence, it is better to combine related files into one PDF file, which is easier to manage and share, with little or no overheads.

AssistMyTeam PDF Merger tool can take your PDF files as well as non-PDF documents (i.e., Office documents, images, multi-pages TIFF, faxes, emails MSG and EML, even compressed ZIP) and merge all into one PDF file.

How It Works?

Business documents come in different types, from word documents to spreadsheets, from PowerPoint slides to scanned TIFF images, from email messages to faxed documents. Sharing such documents can be a real overhead for the IT team. Especially if related files are not organized and stored as a single unit. And working with these different file types can be quite a nuisance. Because one would need different software apps to read them.

In addition, for projects or legal discovery purposes, it makes better sense for multiple documents to combine into one PDF file. And to go along with it, bookmarks or table of content to reference the original documents within the PDF file. And you may have a running project with information already stored on a PDF file. In course of time, you may acquire new information which might be needed to be combined and added to your project file.

AssistMyTeam PDF Merger makes it very easy to combine your files and documents into one PDF file, without worrying about the type and format of your files or documents. The app automatically takes care of the necessary conversion to PDF format in the background for non-PDF documents. All you will see and get is a single PDF file containing all your files and documents, merged in the sequence or hierarchy you had set.

The end result is a one long PDF file, containing those selected documents in the sequence you have selected. If there are certain files that are not supported for conversion to PDF pages, or that you want certain files to be embedded as attachments in the PDF file (instead of PDF pages), these files would be inserted and merged as attachments in their original formats instead. So, the PDF Merger app makes sure all the files in the queue list make through the merged one PDF file.

The app automatically adds table of contents to let you jump quickly to the individual document within the PDF file. Additionally, it also adds page number, document name in the header or footer section of the PDF file.

In short, irrespective of the types and number of documents, the app masks the PDF conversion process. To put it another way, a seamless experience to the user, without any external dependencies in hardware or software.

With just a click, the app can combine all your documents and files of your project to one PDF file with the required conversion taking place seamlessly in the background.

PDF is short form of Portable Document Format. For more on PDF format, read here.