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Below are knowledge articles including lessons learned to effectively use ‘TimeSheet for Outlook’ add-ins, as well as solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to the app.

  1. Push TimeSheet database configuration to multiple systems so that they don’t have to setup again on their system
  2. The database has been placed in a state by user on machine that prevents it from being opened or locked.
  3. OLAP tool shows blank grid/chart
  4. What is the difference between Billable Hours and Duration?
  5. Where can I customize the title of the project/activity fields as well as specify mandatory?
  6. I have Team TimeSheet client addin installed, but I can’t see the timesheet form when I open an appointment.
  7. Preventing members from viewing every project and task in their Outlook
  8. How is the Total Cost field calculated when a timesheet is published to the database?
  9. The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine.
  10. Can I change the logo shown in the side bar of the appointment/task item window?
  11. How can I tag a project/activity or custom field data to multiple appointments/tasks quickly?
  12. Tagging project and custom field’s data to appointment/task item with the new side bar panel.
  13. Re-use already published appointment/task items in Outlook to re-publish back as new timesheet entries
  14. I see a button ‘Review Published’ in the Team TimeSheet toolbar/ribbon. What is its use?
  15. What are the various ways I can publish my timesheets from Outlook?
  16. Store the tagged project/activity to the categories field of the appointment/task item
  17. Prevent Team TimeSheet toolbar/ribbon from occupying most of my Outlook toolbar region
  18. Use one global Activity list for all Projects instead of defining a list of activities for each project.
  19. Specify default values for the project/activity and any custom fields in personal level such that empty timesheet automatically gets the default data
  20. We have the requirements to collect more information on the timesheet. Can we define our own custom fields?
  21. The Team TimeSheet toolbar is no longer visible, though it is installed.
  22. Push out all projects and activties to all users automatically
  23. How is total cost calculated for reported timesheet?
  24. What are the various notification alerts that are supported in Team TimeSheet?
  25. Implement auditing of reported timesheets
  26. Configure what value to hold in the ReportedBy field of the reported timesheet
  27. Our company policy requires that any timesheet reported to the database is more than 1 hour. How can I make sure every reported timesheet adheres to these criteria?
  28. How can I prevent team members from reporting their timesheets with expired projects or activities?
  29. Restrict reporting of timesheets from the default calendar or task folder of the user.
  30. What additional features are provided to team members, having admin access rights?
  31. Allow team members to selectively choose their own projects, activities or the drop down custom fields
  32. Wrong OS or OS version for application