When I enter the site URL into the Team Issue Tracker to connect to the SharePoint site, it is not authenticating and keeps coming up with the credentials logon. What am I doing wrong?

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Q. I have configured a few SharePoint lists for storing tickets raised from Outlook with Issue Tracker Admin tool. However, But tickets are not generated in SharePoint. What am I doing wrong?

If you have successfully configured, mapped and linked SharePoint lists with Issue Tracker Admin tool, but new tickets are not generated in the chosen SharePoint list, then the most likely reason may be that your Windows firewall setting may be preventing Team Issue Tracker applications from performing update functions to the SharePoint sites. You can try adding the following application files of Issue Tracker as exceptions to the firewall.

Under Control Panel, go to Windows Firewall. And click ‘Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall’.

From the ‘Allowed Programs‘ panel, first click ‘Change settings‘ (located to the top right). That would enable the ‘Allow another programs…‘ button. Click this to choose a program or application.

In the ‘Add a Program‘ panel, click ‘Browse…‘ button, to choose the Issue Tracker specific applications (or .exes) files

Browse to the Issue Tracker installation folder. If you have the Admin tool, it would be C:\Programs files (x86)\AssistMyTeam\Issue Tracker Admin Tool, where as if you have the client tool, it would be C:\Programs files (x86)\AssistMyTeam\Issue Tracker Client Tool. And then select TeamIssueTrackerClient.exe. And click ‘Open’ to continue.

Now, you will notice that the ‘Team Issue Tracker Agent Tool’ is now added to the programs. Now click the ‘Network location types…’

From the ‘Choose Network Location Types’ panel, check both the options (eg. Home/Work and Public Networks) and click OK.

To finalize, we need to confirm this program or application to for the Windows Firewall exception. Click ‘Add’ to continue.

Now, under the ‘Allowed Programs’ panel, you will see the ‘Team Issue Tracker Agent Tool’ being added to the

Repeat the same steps for the following applications, to add to the Firewall exceptions:

TeamIssueTrackerAdmin.exe (this is available if you have installed the Admin tool, instead of the Technician tool)

After adding the Issue Tracker application files in the Windows Firewall exceptions, it should look like these (below).

Now start Outlook. And raise a new ticket from an email.

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