How can I define the date/time format while naming the output file?

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To choose the date format to be used when naming the output file follow the steps below

Step 1. Go to Outlook > Email to PDF toolbar > Output Settings button > File Naming tab > Date Format to use on output file.

Step 2. You will have 3 parts of naming the File as shown in the screenshot below.

From the drop down fields select date format field in the 1st part or 2nd part or 3rd part of the file name (e.g. ReceivedTime, CreationTime, LastModified Time, SentOn etc.) and save.
Each of the date formats are substituted by the value of the date/time components.

Step 3. Select an Outlook email to process, for example, if the chosen file naming is “Subject _ ReceivedTime” (under Output Settings > File naming tab) and the date format is ‘yyyyMMdd_HHmmss’, when you save the email to PDF, the save dialog box should show ‘Subject_yyyyMMdd_HHmmss.pdf’ file name format.

You can choose from one the following date/time format:

If Empty choice is selected, the add-in will use the default date format as dictated by locale culture of the windows.
yyyy – year eg. 2014
MM – month eg. 08
dd – Day eg. 30

HH – Hours eg. 11
mm – Minutes eg. 48
ss – seconds 51.

For more information, refer to the product page at

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