Convert files into PDF attachments before sending the email or meeting request

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Before sending emails to recipients, Email to PDF add-in provides you an option to convert any attachments (that you might have added) to PDF. You can choose to convert and embed the PDF versions of the attachments, in either separate PDF file for each attachment, or a single merged all-in-one PDF file containing all the attachments. Whether the attachments are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Web-pages, plain text documents or Compressed Zip, Email MSG or EML files,  Email to PDF add-in would automatically extract and convert all to PDF.

Here is a demonstration of this feature. Below is a reply that is made to an existing email. And 2 attachments of different types (eg. Word and Excel documents) are added as attachments.

Before pressing the ‘Send’ button, click the ‘Embed PDF version of attachments‘ option available under the ‘Email to PDF’ ribbon toolbar (just adjacent to the ribbon group that contains the ‘Attach file’ Outlook button).

Pressing one of the PDF embed option would result in converting the attachments to their PDF equivalents and the PDF files would be added to the email. For instance, below shows when the embed output to individual PDF is chosen.

And below show a single PDF being added, when the embed option for merging all attachments to a single PDF file is chosen

You can then choose to remove the non-PDF attachments that were added already before you press the ‘Send’ button.

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