Difference between Professional and Standard license

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A single seat license of ‘Email to PDF for Outlook’ is available in Standard and Professional editions. The difference is the PDF generating automation feature in the Professional edition.

With this feature, you can automate the export of PDFs from incoming emails of your Inbox or any Outlook folder. That is, using the automation feature, you can choose to output each attachment of the incoming email to their corresponding individual PDF file (1st option), or you can choose to merge all attachments to one PDF file (2nd option), email file being separate or, you can choose to merge all attachments along with the email content to a single one PDF file (3rd option) or save as PDF portfolio where the attachments are embedded in the parent PDF in their original formats (4th and 5th options).

For more on this feature, refer to our other KB article – Automate the export of PDFs from incoming emails.

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