Ways of granting ‘Send on Behalf’ permission on a mailbox

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In Team Helpdesk Manager > Advanced Options > Outgoing Accounts tab, if the admin had configured to use a common outgoing account or the original email recipient account while replying to callers or when sending automated alerts, each technician needs to have ‘Send On Behalf’ permission on this common account/original recipient account.

To configure Send on Behalf

  1. A user themselves can grant ‘Send on Behalf’ to another user in their Outlook Delegates by giving them Author or Editor access to their Inbox. (However bear in mind this also gives the delegate access to open their inbox)

  2. Powershell: Set-Mailbox Alex Heer –GrantSendOnBehalfTo Joe Bloggs

  3. Or, and probably the easiest, using the Exchange Management Console (EMC), Exchange 2010. Expand Recipient Configuration > Mailbox and open the properties of the user who we want to allow the send of behalf permission (e.g Alex Heer).

    On the Mail Flow Settings tab, open the Delivery Options.

    Under Send on Behalf, click Add and browse to the user we wish to grant access to (You can only assign Send on Behalf to users and not groups). Click OK