How to configure the case ID to start from 10000?

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As the new version only uses SQL database, one of the limitation is that the auto incremental number always starts from 1 (one), by default. To change it to start from a bigger figure, the follow manual steps are required to be performed in the SQL management server side. That is, the AssistMyTeamHelpdeskDB uses the sequence ‘Id_Cases_Sequence’ located under ‘Programmability > Sequences’ section of the database. Double-click the sequence ‘Id_Cases_Sequence’ and it should popup the properties dialog box (below).

From there, check the option ‘Restart Sequence’ as outlined in red rectangle below. And then type in the figure from which the iteration will start. For example, 10000. Click OK. And then create a new case from Outlook. And it should take the new figure when assigning an ID.

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