Why am I being prompted to renew support contract when I have a perpetual license?

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Microsoft Office apps are regularly updated and changed by Microsoft and hence, any third party apps and add-ins build for earlier versions may not work correctly in newer/updated apps of Microsoft Office. To overcome this, we periodically release updates to our apps/add-ins to changing Microsoft Office updates. In order to sustain and reward the efforts of the developers for their work, we charge a minimal yearly support fee from those license holders who purchased the license more than a year ago. We offer completely FREE unlimited updates to those users who had purchased the app within a year.

If the free 1-year (for personal license) or 3 years (for enterprise license) support contract that came bundled with your license purchase had expired, we strongly advise that you renew it for a year or more. Purchasing an additional year of support and maintenance contract guarantees that you will receive all software changes, whether a small update patch or a whole new version, for the one-year period of the contract.

All Perpetual licenses of AssistMyTeam products come with a free support contract – 1 year for single seat license or 3 years for team and enterprise licenses.

Once the support contract duration that came free with your license purchased had expired, you would NOT be able to perform the followings:

  • Upgrade to newer versions.
  • Register the app on fresh installs or re-installs even on old versions.

So what is so ‘perpetual’ about a perpetual license?

A perpetual license once registered and activated on a system will continue to work for the installed version, irrespective of the state of your support contract (e.g., expired).

When we say a ‘perpetual license’, we mean the ‘state’ of the registered app that is in working condition for unlimited durations on that computer. If you uninstall, re-install or upgrade to newer, unauthorized versions, this perpetual-ness state would break. In other word, it will prompt the user to register and activate the app again with your existing license key. However, if the 1 year support contract that came with the perpetual license had expired, then the app will cease to work as the license activation will no longer succeed. In such situation, the remedy is to renew the support contract for at least a year.

NOTE: Any installed apps that were previously activated before the expiry of the support contract will continue to work even if you don’t renew the support contract. However, renewal of support contract gives you access to the latest version of the add-in for free, allow installation and registration of your licenses on fresh systems as well as receive technical support.

Could you provide us with the setup.exe of the old versions?

Please try to understand, it does not matter even if we provide you the old setups, if your support contract on your perpetual license had expired, the registration won’t work even on older versions because the license key activation is tied to the validity of your support/maintenance contract and not to the version of the app. The apps that were installed and licensed previously just before the support expiry will continue to function perpetually as per the perpetual licensing framework. However, for fresh installs (does not matter if you are installing old or latest versions), license activation won’t work any longer.

Why should you renew your expired support contract?

Perpetual license holders of AssistMyTeam Apps should consider renewing the support contract every year, to avail the following benefits.

  • Reuse your existing licenses and save more than 70% cost in purchasing new licenses by just paying a nominal fee as support contract every year.
  • Replenish the number of activations cap that you might have exceeded back to zero (0).
  • Ability to upgrade to the newest versions for free.
  • Receive technical support
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