Configure Helpdesk to allow additional information to be inputted to the new case before it sends out the auto alerts

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By default, when generating a case from an e-mail (through the ‘Convert to Case’ button), the allotment and technician notification e-mails are sent instantly. However, if your helpdesk workflow requires that the technicians add more information to the new case, like an attachment or caller address etc. before Helpdesk sends out the automated notifications, you can enable the option ‘Allow technician to edit the newly generated case (from email) before sending the automated alerts‘ under Helpdesk Manager > Notification Options > Options tab.

When this is enabled, Helpdesk would display the newly generated case instantly allowing the technician to alter/add information such as custom fields, attachments or assigning it to another technician, for example. When only when the technician clicks ‘Save’ button, Helpdesk will send out the notification to the caller/assigned technicians.

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