How to reset old settings and connect Helpdesk agent/manager add-in to the new data source?

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How to reset old settings and connect Helpdesk Agent or Manager add-in to the new data source?

If your Helpdesk Agent/Manager add-in is not pointing to the correct data source, you need to reset the connection of the add-in so that existing registry entries (that contains the connection settings) are removed. This can be done in two ways:

1. If you have Helpdesk Manager addin, go to Outlook > File > Helpdesk Manager tab, and click ‘Reset Connection’.
2. If you have Helpdesk Agent addin, go to Outlook > Helpdesk toolbar > Settings menu, and click ‘Reset Connection’.
3. You will be prompted for a confirmation if to reset the connection. press Yes.
4. Now, you would be able to specify the new or existing database.

If the above steps don’t work for you, then you can manually try removing the registry entries to reset the connection with the following steps on that particular system:

  1. Shutdown Outlook
  2. Open Registry Editor (Start > Run > regedit.exe)
  3. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AssistMyTeam and right-click AHO.
  4. And click ‘Delete‘.
  5. Restart Outlook
  6. It should now prompt you to choose an existing database. After choosing it, the Helpdesk add-in on that system would connect to it and would remember the location in subsequent operations.
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