Best practices for automated Helpdesk that runs 24×7

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Best practices for setting Team Helpdesk to work and run 24×7

In most helpdesks, the main priority is to reduce the response time on any support tickets. However, helpdesk staffs won’t be available on mid-nights, weekends or holidays. In such scenario, support requests would sit idle in the inboxes waiting for the appropriate technician to log on and attend to it, whenever that is. This can batter the helpdesk efficiency as well as invite criticism from end-users/customers for lack of response when needed. This is why an automated helpdesk system is preferred by most organizations and teams.

You can set Team Helpdesk to function in auto mode 24×7. All you need to do is have Team Helpdesk Manager tool running at all times in Outlook from a dedicated machine (a server preferably) that runs all the time (24×7), such that, it can process any incoming emails and send our notification emails automatically even at the helpdesk off hours or holidays. Ideally, we recommend that, you designate that particular system as the only system that would perform this automation, by going to Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Email Monitoring and Automatic Assignment > Workload tab. And then select the 2nd option by specify the computer name, that will be solely responsible for all automation.

Setting a dedicated system/server for running Team Helpdesk Manager tool serves another purpose – to service any requests coming from the Customer Web Service (CWS) and Technicians Web Access (TWA) web sites. You would have to configure this dedicated system for processing CWS/TWA requests from Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings >Web Access tab. This way, there is no requirement for any technicians and managers to be online with their Outlook at odd hours and holidays to process incoming support requests coming from the Team helpdesk CWS and TWA websites. Your dedicated machine/server that has the Team Helpdesk Manager add-in installed would automatically take care of servicing the websites.