Login failed for user ‘SQLSERVER\USER’

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This error ‘Login Failed for user ‘SQLServer\user‘ happens when the Team Helpdesk Agent add-in installed on the workstation can’t login to the SQL server database on the network. Possible reason can be the followings:

1. When ‘Use Integrated Security‘ is enabled:

The user on that system is not authorized to have access to the SQL server or the database. If the option ‘Use Integrated Security’ is enabled under Team Helpdesk Manager > Helpdesk Settings Data Source panel, Team Helpdesk Agent add-in on other workstations will use windows authentication (NTLM) of the particular system to access the ‘TeamHelpdeskSettingsDB’ database on the SQL server. So, make sure the windows user is allowed access to the SQL resource on the network

2. When ‘Use Integrated Security’ option is unchecked:

It is very important that the particular SQL user account (e.g., ‘helpdesk‘ account in the above screenshot) you use here (when configuring the first time with Team Helpdesk Manager add-in), is usable by all Team Helpdesk Agent add-ins installed on different systems of the technicians. This is because, this helpdesk database information is saved globally on the exchange server (i.e, under DBSettings post item under Team Helpdesk Settings subfolder), and will be used by every Team Helpdesk Client and Manager systems. So, when other technicians install the Team Helpdesk Agent add-in on their system, it will automatically pick up these SQL server settings to connect to the database. Hence, it is important that the specified SQL server account here is usable by all the technicians as well.