How to create PDF from any file or document?

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If you work with a lot of documents in various formats or types, from Word files to JPEG or scanned TIFF files or compressed ZIP or email files, you surely would have come across the need to produce PDF documents from these these files. With File to PDF app, you can create PDFs from nearly any type of files and documents in your Windows Explorer.

Simply right-click that file in your Windows Explorer, and click ‘Instant <filename>.pdf’ menu. And the PDF will be generated with the same filename, at the same folder with the extension .pdf

Create PDF from any file or document in Windows Explorer

If you want more advanced control over the PDF output (e.g., to place the PDF file in a different folder location), click ‘Convert to PDF (Advanced)…’ menu.

Create PDF from any file in Windows Explorer

In the advanced mode, you can set passwords (user and master passwords), set security permissions such as preventing the PDF from being printed, copied or edited etc., and specify paper type, orientation or changing the destination output folder, or apply watermark.

Create PDF from any file in Windows Explorer

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