How to convert multiple files to PDF?

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Often you may have the requirement to convert multiple files to PDF documents, for sharing or legal discovery purposes. But conversion to PDF documents can be a daunting task, especially, if your files are of different types or formats. e.g., word, excel, images, emails, compressed ZIP etc.

One of the important feature of PDF Converter app is the ability to quickly convert multiple files to PDF documents or combine into one PDF file, in just a click.

Converting multiple files to PDF in their own, separate files

From Windows Explorer, select your files and right-click, and click ‘Instant .pdf‘ from the context menu. Consequently, this will convert all the selected files to their own PDF files in the same folder. As a result, the PDF file will bear the same filename as of that of the source file, but with a .PDF extension.

Select multiple documents from Windows Explorer to convert to PDF files

This is how the converted PDF files are outputted in the same folder as that of the source files, as can be seen below:

Converted PDF files along with the source files

Combining and converting multiple files into one PDF file

Multiple documents of a project, client or entity, naturally belong together. As a matter of fact, combining such documents makes it easy to see their relationship. And PDF Converter makes it really simple to combine such documents into one PDF file, in a click.

Just right-click the documents, and press ‘Combine to One Pdf‘ from the context menu. This will combine all the documents into one long PDF file, whatever the types or formats the source files are.

Different types of documents chosen for merging into one PDF file

Moreover, it automatically adds table of contents to the PDF, to let you jump to the individual document quickly.

Structure of the one PDF file, with source files listed in the table of contents for easy navigation

Convert multiple files to PDF with advanced options

Furthermore, if you want more finer control over the PDF output, click ‘Save to PDF (Advanced)…‘ menu.

Choose Advanced PDF options for applying finer control over the converted PDF files

In advanced mode, firstly, choose if to convert each file to PDF document, or to combine all into to one. Secondly, specify PDF paper type, orientation or destination output folder, or apply watermark. Finally, set passwords, security permissions such as preventing the PDF from opening, printing, copying or editing etc.

Advanced PDF UI


To sum up, PDF Converter takes care of the overhead while converting your documents of different types to PDF files. And provides you with a seamless experience of PDF conversions, in a click, from the comfort of Windows Explorer.

NOTE: The converter supports more than 120 types of documents, including office, images, emails, fax and even compressed ZIP files for seamless conversion to PDF without external dependencies. 

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