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In order to combine or merge multiple emails and their attachments to a single one PDF file, select the emails, and from the ‘Export As’ drop down menu in the Email to PDF Toolbar or ribbon in Outlook, click ‘Merge to a single Adobe Portable Document (*.pdf)’.

Email to PDF add-in will automatically convert non-PDF attachments to PDF files before merging all of them to one single PDF. As of the current version, more than 120+ file types would be automatically converted to PDF:

Simple Steps:

1. Select emails, and from the ‘Export As’ menu select ‘Merge to a single Adobe Portable document (*.pdf)’.

Generating a merged single PDF file from multiple emails

2. You will be prompted with a ‘Save As’ dialog box. Enter a name for the merged PDF file, and click ‘Save‘.

You will be prompted to specify a filename and the folder location to save the document.

3. Open the PDF file, all the selected emails and their attachments would be merged in a single PDF file.

The add-in automatically adds bookmarks, page number and even custom footer information such as your company name in the PDF structure tree for easy navigation to the individual email and their attachments in the PDF document.

You will notice that if the attachment is a composite file (i.e., files within a file) such as a ZIP or MSG or EML file, the PDF add-in automatically scan and include these intrinsic files into the final merged PDF document. The add-in can will recursively scan upto 3 levels on a composite attachment file (such as zip, MSG or EML file).

For more information, refer to the product page at

When the PDF add-in encounter any of the following attachment types, it would automatically convert to PDF:

Microsoft Word Files (.docx, .docm, .doc, .dot, .dotx, .dot, .dotm)
Microsoft Excel files (.xl, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xlam, .xltx, .xltm, .xls, .xlt, .xla, .xlm, .xlw, .uxdc,)
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation files (.pptx, .ppt, .pptm, .ppsx, .pps, .ppsm, .potx, .pot, .potm)
Single File Web Page (.mht; .mhtml)
Web Page (.htm; .html)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Plain Text (.txt, .prn, .csv, .log, .ini, .config)
Programming files (.c, .h, .cs, .vb)
XML Document (.xml)
OpenDocument Formats (.odt, .odp, .odc, .ods)
Works 6.0 – 9.0 (.wps)
Multi-page TIFF (.tif)
Compressed Zip1 (.zip)
MSG2 Email file (.msg)
EML3 Email file (.eml)
Camera RAW4 files (.raw, .nef, .nrw, .cr2, .crw, .pef, .arw, .srw, .sr2, .orf, .mrw, .mdc, .dcr, .kdc, .mos, .erf, .raf, .3fr, .dng, .mef, .rw2, .x3f, .srf, .ari, .bay, .cri, .cap, .iiq, .eip, .dcs, .drf, .k25, .fff, .ptx, .pxn, .r3d, .rwl, .rwz, cs1, cxi, j6i)
Image files
(.bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .pcx, .psd, .cut, .dds, .ico, .lbm, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .psp, .sgi, .tga, .exr, .hdr, .iff, .jng, .ppm, .pgm, .pbm, .pfm, .ras, .wbmp, .xbm, .xpm, .mng, .koa, .j2k, .jp2, .jbig2, .wmf)

1Also supports converting files from inner ZIP file (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
2Also supports converting inner MSG and attachments (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
3Also supports converting inner EML and attachments (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
4RAW formats and Brand

RAW ExtensionBrandRAW ExtensionBrand
rawPanasonic/LeicaariArri Alexa
nef, nrwNikonbayCasio
cr2, crwCanoncriCintel
pef, ptxPentaxcap, iiq, eipPhase One
arw, srf, sr2Sonyx3fSigma
orfOlympusfffImacon/Hasselblad raw
mdcAgfa, Minoltar3dRED Digital Cinema
dcr, dcs, drf, k25, kdcKodakrwlLeica
dngAdobecs1Sinar CaptureShop