Perpetual License

Pay upfront one-time for license and renew support and upgrade contract annually

Choose between 3 perpetual licensing options – a Personal License for a one-person, the Country Enterprise License (CEL) allows deployment of this product to unlimited number of workstations/users within the organization but limited to a country.

The Global Enterprise License (GEL) allows multi-national companies (MNCs) unrestricted use and deployment of this product in multiple subsidiary companies and sites world-wide.

NOTE: Before you decide to make a purchase, it is recommended that you have a look at the comparison chart below for all the available perpetual license variants on offer.

SharePoint Publisher for Outlook (Personal Edition)


Personal License
Number of Seats


Support and Free Upgrades3 years
Cost (One-time license fee)


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SharePoint Publisher for Outlook (Team Edition)


Enterprise License
Number of Seats

Unlimited within a country

Unlimited worldwide

MSI Installer for Easy Enterprise-wide Deployment
Setups without license activation
(Ideal for closed systems and networks)
Your Branding (Your Company Name/logo in Apps)
Support and Free Upgrades3 years3 years
Cost (One-time license fee)



 By clicking ‘Buy Now‘ you will be directed to , our trusted reseller and Merchant of Record.


Perpetual License is valid life-time. 

However, technical assistance and free upgrades are bound to the validity of the Support and Maintenance Contract

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Country and Global Enterprise License

What do you get with an Enterprise license?

  • Avail certain features locked in the limited license.
  • Unlimited seats*.
  • Priority support and bug fixes. Support queries are answered within 24 hours.
  • Special version that does not require registering the license on every system
  • MSI installer for enterprise wide deployment available upon request
  • Included 3 years of AssistMyTeam Support and Maintenance Contract.
  • Free upgrade for 3 years.

* In Country Enterprise license (CEL), ‘unlimited users’ refer to employees within the organization specific to a country. Whereas, in Global Enterprise License (GEL), ‘unlimited users’ are the employees of the parent organization, as well as those from any subsidiary companies or locations elsewhere in the world. If you are a Multi-National Company (MNC) and would like to deploy this product in subsidiary companies located around the globe, you can opt for the Global Enterprise Licensing scheme. Read More…