Is it possible to automate the detaching of attachments from emails? if so, how?

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Yes, automation is supported i.e., you can allow Attachment Manager add-in to monitor and track any number of mail-enabled folders and mailboxes for incoming emails and then detach attachments to a file folder and link them up within the emails. All these are done seamlessly within Outlook and users will not even be aware of it.

To enable automation:

  1. Just navigate to the Inbox or Outlook folder where you want the to apply the automation.
  2. Click ‘Folder & Auto Option‘ button from the toolbar. And that would prompt you with a dialog box where you can choose the destination folders (to place the detached files).
  3. Enable the second option ‘Automatically detach attachments when new Outlook item is received‘ under the ‘Automation‘ section.

NOTE: You will perform the same steps above for every Inbox or Outlook folders where you want to automate the detachment of files from incoming emails.

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