How to convert TIFF to PDF document?

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With PDF Converter app, you can quickly convert TIFF to PDF, either as separate PDF file for each page, or as one PDF file that combines all pages.

Create PDF from multi-page TIF

Convert multi-pages TIFF to separate PDF documents

To quickly convert a multi-page TIFF file to PDF documents, simply right-click that file in your Windows Explorer, and click ‘Instant .pdf’ menu.

Convert TIFF to PDF documents in a click

By default, the app will automatically convert all of the pages of the TIFF file to one single PDF file and place it in the same folder as that of the parent TIFF file. However, you can change this preference to output each page of the TIFF file to its own separate PDF file. (Under Settings > PDF Output tab > When Converting multi-page TIFF to PDF > Merge All Pages into One PDF file)

Converted PDF files of the individual pages of the TIFF file

Combining all pages of a multi-pages TIFF into One PDF file

Images of a multi-pages TIFF file naturally belong together and combining into one makes it easy to see their relationship. PDF Converter makes it rather easy to combine all pages of TIFF file into one PDF file.


  1. Right-click the TIFF file, and press ‘Save as PDF (Advanced…)‘ from the context menu.
  2. From the ‘Merge All to one PDF in‘ section, choose any of the destination folder where the PDF file would be saved. E.g., Source Folder if you want to place the PDF in the same folder as that of the source TIFF file.
  3. Click Continue

Save as PDF in advanced mode with finer control

As a result, this will combine all the pages of the TIFF file into one PDF file. In addition, it adds table of contents listing all the pages of the TIFF file. As can be seen below, this lets you to quickly jump to the individual page within the PDF file.

Structure of one PDF file after combining all the pages of the a TIFF image

In the advanced mode, you can set passwords, security permissions such as preventing user from printing, copying or editing etc. Additionally, specify PDF paper type, orientation or destination output folder, or apply watermark.


The converter supports more than 120 files types including multi-pages TIFF format, for seamless conversion to PDF without external dependencies. All in all, PDF Converter app is the go-to solution for all your PDF conversion requirements for Windows platform.

NOTE:  A multi-page TIFF file is a single TIF file which contains multiple TIF images. TIFF is widely supported by scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition, image manipulation, desktop publishing, and page-layout applications..

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