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Watch video tutorials that guide you on how to install, configure and work with Helpdesk add-in and how to get the most out of your helpdesk team using the advanced automation options. 

Managerial Installation & Configuration

Perform a managerial installation of Helpdesk add-in (Team Edition), choose a database option, set Exchange folder permission, configure technicians, callers, problems, asset and custom fields drop down lists. Import contacts from GAL/address books.

Technician Installation & working with support cases

Perform a agent installation of Helpdesk add-in (Team Edition), generate support cases from emails, understand how to use the support case form and conversation threading in Outlook, learn the many ways of responding to the caller from the form. Try out free text search in the support cases folders, use Outlook views to organize and structure cases in an intuitive and informative way.

Automation & Advanced Features

Configure Helpdesk add-in (Team Edition) to monitor email folders and mailboxes to generate support cases automatically from incoming emails, Automatic assignment of technicians, problem categories and SLA, Specify a dedicated account to be used by Helpdesk add-in for all Outgoing emails, Maintain schedules for due dates, Enforcing Service Level Agreements.

Conversation Threading, tracking email history on a support case and email preview

All email communications received or sent (either sent manually or automatically) are processed to form a consolidated hierarchical view in the case body. Simply click a particular email item to automatically preview the content in the 'Email Preview' tab of the Support Case form in Outlook.

Automatic assignment and service level on new cases

Automatic assignment of a Technician, Problem Category or Type, and Service Level to a support case generated from a monitored folder or mailbox

Generate Reports and Statistics

Generate summarized and aggregated reports on different time interval, analyze timesheets data in multi-dimensional view with OLAP Statistics and Reporting tool, export to Excel, PDF, XML or HTML and extract business intelligence.

Customer Web Service site

Setup and configure an ASP.NET website for Customer Web Service in IIS Web Server, publish KB articles to the web, allow end-users to submit support requests directly to Team Helpdesk using a web form, and track status of support cases.

Technicians Web Access site

Setup and configure an ASP.NET website for Technicians Web Access in IIS Web Server. Work, resolve or re-open your support cases in a web browser. Reply to emails to caller, take delegation authority on other technician's cases.