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Unlike its sister applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there is no ‘Save as PDF’ feature in Microsoft Outlook even in the latest 2019 release! And if you are a power user like me, who use Outlook day and night everyday, this missing PDF export functionality is a huge handicap.

However, there is this cool tool in the form of an Outlook add-in called ‘Email to PDF’ which equips your Microsoft Outlook to save emails and attachments of any file types (even ZIP, MSG or EML ones) to PDF document format. To export emails as PDF, just select the email(s) from your Outlook Inbox and then click ‘Export As’ button menu from the ribbon toolbar.

Or, simply, just right-click the emails.

You can output selected emails to PDFs in 3 different ways:

  • Output as individual PDF – Choose this to export the email and their intrinsic attachments (if any) to their own PDF files in your chosen location.
  • Merge all attachment to a single PDF – Choose this to export the email (body) to its own PDF file and another PDF file that will contain the attachments merged to a single one PDF file. So, effectively, you will have 2 PDF files for each email.
  • Merge attachments and email to a single PDF – Choose this to only generate a single one PDF file that will contain both the email body and its attachments.

If all you want is to export multiple emails and their attachments (if any) to a single one PDF file i.e., combining multiple emails and their attachments to a single PDF file, you can do easily by clicking ‘Merge to a single Adobe Portable (PDF)’ menu option under ‘Export As’ button menu (see below):

You will be prompted with a ‘Save As’ dialog box. Enter a name for the merged PDF file, and click ‘Save’.

The add-in automatically adds bookmarks, page number and even custom footer information such as your company name in the PDF structure tree for easy navigation to the individual email and their attachments in the PDF document.

You will also notice that if the attachment is a composite file (i.e., files within a file) such as a ZIP or MSG or EML file, the PDF add-in automatically scan and include these intrinsic files into the final merged PDF document. In fact, this PDF add-in automatically converts more than 120 attachment types of files to compatible PDF format including Microsoft office documents, images, MSG or EML email files, ZIP or multi-page TIFF etc.

For more on how this little add-in can solve a lot of your of PDF needs out of your Microsoft Outlook email client, refer to the official product page.

If you have any questions on this Save As PDF tool, please leave a comment below.

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