Workaround/fix to ‘Unrecognized database format’

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Workaround/fix to ‘Unrecognized database format’

 If you encounter error about unrecognized database such as below:

Team Helpdesk Common Library: Version 
In Outlook version: 14 (x86)
At Line: 110
In Function: DB.Initialize
Exception Number: 5
Exception Description: Unrecognized database format '\\Server\DB\TeamHelpdeskSettings.mdb'.
OS:6.1.7601.65536 (Win32NT)
Module Version: Version

This error means, your helpdesk database file ‘TeamHelpdeskSettings.mdb’ is corrupted. But there is an easy fix. Follow the steps below:

1. Instruct all users that have Team Helpdesk add-in in their Outlook to shutdown Outlook temporarily

2. From a pilot/admin system, shutdown Outlook. And open Microsoft Access application and open this MDB file (TeamHelpdeskSettings.mdb) and do a ‘Compact and Repair Database’ (which is available under Access > File > Info tab).