What is the difference betwen ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook’ and ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint’?

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We have two edition of Team Helpdesk:
Team Helpdesk for Outlook (THO) – http://www.assistmyteam.net/TeamHelpdesk/
Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint (THS) – http://www.assistmyteam.net/TeamHelpdeskSP/

Most of the features, workflows and user interfaces are almost identical between THO and THS. (You can assume that 90% are similar) The followings are the differences:

1. In THO, the tickets are stored on your Exchange server only (either in Public Folders or a shared mailbox). In THS, the tickets are stored on your Exchange server and copies of all the tickets are also stored in an admin-specified SharePoint list, such that callers, technicians, contractors and other stakeholders can have access to the tickets in the sharepoint site from anywhere. What it means is, when a new ticket is raised in Outlook, Team Helpdesk will also automatically create a copy of that ticket into a SharePoint list. And when that ticket is changed or updated in Outlook, the same will be reflected in the SharePoint copy of the ticket.

2. In THS, only one asset can be set to a case, whereas in THO, a case can be associated with multiple assets.

3. In THS, the case number counter can’t be changed because it takes the ID of the SharePoint copy of the case. In THO, you can customize the ticket counter to start from any number of reset.

NOTE: If you purchase a license for Team Helpdesk for Outlook (THO), later on, if you want to switch to ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint’ (THS), you can do so without needing to purchase another license. Just put up a request with us and we will transfer your existing license to the other edition. However, please note that, the existing tickets, settings and configurations are not compatible with the other. So, if you decide to switch, you will have to startover with new helpdesk database and configurations.