Viewing case form in one single page or in multiple pages (sections)

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You can choose between single page view or multiple pages view of information in case form in Outlook. You will find two buttons on the top right portion of the case form (just right of print button) – Tabs View and Single Page View

The Tabs View is what was already there prior to this version (v8.4). In this view, you will find multiple sections or tab that shows information on the case selectively. One needs to navigate its way to the desired section to uncover the information beneath. This view is best used to avoid clutterness and reduce information overload.

The new Single Page view clubs all the tabs/sections of the case form to present a continuous flow of information in the same page i.e., on a single page, all the sub-sections of the case form such as custom fields, email history, time spent, assets, related cases, associated users, logs, notes etc are shown. Each section or tab is separated by a gray horizontal bar header. Clicking the bar hides or shows the information beneath the section. In this view, all the sections may not fit within the available screen area, but with the aid of the vertical scroll bar, you can navigate down to see the rest of the sections.


At any time, you can switch the case view to tabs or single page. And the add-in remembers your choice of View when you open another case the next time.