Using SharePoint for storing Team Helpdesk Settings

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The database option ‘Microsoft SharePoint’ allows you to use your SharePoint to store the helpdesk settings, drop down lists, email templates and other global configurations such that all your technicians can access it from the internet or WAN. This is ideal if many of your technicians work from remote location with no access to the office network but can access to the company’s SharePoint site from outside the office network.

To specify a SharePoint site, click the ‘Browse…’ button. This would allow you to enter the URL of the SharePoint. When entering the URL, always use the parent site URL in the format http://mySharePointsite. And click ‘Retrieve’ to show all available sub-sites and lists.

Very Important! Your permission to the SharePoint site: Make sure that you have ‘Full Control’ permission over the SharePoint site so that Team Helpdesk Manager add-in can create the ‘TeamHelpdeskSettings’ list automatically.

And then select the particular site under which the Helpdesk settings would be stored. You can also choose to create a new sub-site on the fly by clicking the ‘New Site…’ button and select it. When you click ‘Confirm’, Team Helpdesk will automatically create and configure a new SharePoint list titled ‘TeamHelpdeskSettings’ under the site. And then any settings/drop down lists you defined from Team Helpdesk Manager Tool in Outlook would be saved in this repository.

If the SharePoint site uses the NTLM or windows authentication, the add-in will use the default credential to connect to the SharePoint. However, for form based or claimed based authentication (for example, Office 365 SharePoint online), it may prompt you (and other individual technician) to enter their credential.

You can also specify the authentication mode that is used by your SharePoint to allow connection to it. For instance, if your SharePoint is configured for Windows authentication, choose ‘NTLM’. If it used a form based authentication, then choose ‘Forms’ whereas if it used a claimed based authentication (for Office 365 SharePoint Online), choose ‘Office 365’.

In the username, exclude any domain information. For instance, do not enter in the format DOMAIN\UserName. Only enter UserName. If your SharePoint site login requires a domain name, enter one in the ‘Domain’ box instead. Check ‘Remember’ so that Team Helpdesk add-in can use the same credential to logon to the SharePoint site in subsequent connection.

When your technicians with the Team Helpdesk Agent tool starts Outlook, the add-in would automatically connect to the admin specified SharePoint site and would retrieve the helpdesk logic and settings data to the local system.

What SharePoint permissions are required for other technicians?
All technicians should have at least ‘Contribute’ permission the SharePoint list ‘TeamHelpdeskSettings’.

You can use any SharePoint version starting with SharePoint 2010 to the latest SharePoint 2016. You can also use Office 365 SharePoint Online too.