Using MS Access database for storing Team Helpdesk settings

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If you choose Access as the helpdesk database, it will need to be placed on a shared network folder such that all technicians working on the support cases in Outlook have access to the network folder. When you specify the location where the MDB file is to be created, make sure you choose a UNC path (eg. \\AMTServer\Helpdesk) instead of a mapped one because, a mapped drive might only be accessible to you. One important consideration with having a network Access database is the write permission on the folder and the MDB file itself. Make sure, the shared folder or the MDB file is not configured ‘read-only’ for all technicians on the network, otherwise, technicians won’t be able to create and save cases in the Team Helpdesk Cases folders in Outlook.

When using a network Access or SQL Server database, it is important that it is configured in a way that it is accessible on the network by all support staffs. Note that, Team Helpdesk with a dedicated database only works on local network. This database option is ideal for a helpdesk team that has a large number of technicians.