Some columns in the Technicians/Problems/Assets/Callers list grid have disappeared!

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If you ever find in a position where some columns had disappeared or missing from the callers or problems or technicians list (under Team Helpdesk Manager menu), don’t be alarm. Those columns were merely hidden and the data in those columns are still intact. It is just that, when you re-adjust the columns width, you might have inadvertently sized it to zero width rendering the column size invisible. And as Team Helpdesk saves your columns width setting into registry in order to retain your customization so that next time, Team Helpdesk could present the panel and the columns size in exactly the same way you had left earlier. So, if you see some columns being hidden, you can simply click the ‘Reset Columns Size’ button under Team Helpdesk Manager > Callers List/Technicians List/Problems List/Assets List panels, so that you can instantly reset the columns size to default values.

Previously, the workaround was to shutdown Outlook and manually go to registry editor and delete a few registry keys. However, with this ‘Reset Columns Size’ button, it is just a click away to reset the columns size (and show any hidden columns)