Problem with using Exchange/Outlook database option for production helpdesk

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If you are wondering why we recommend to use a dedicated database option such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server for storing the helpdesk settings data over ‘Microsoft Exchange/Outlook‘, here is the explanation:

In multi-users Exchange environment, each user’s Outlook mailbox/shared mailbox/public folders are synchronized with the Exchange server. And sometime, sync delay could occur which affects the ‘current-ness’ of the settings data. That is, if Team Helpdesk is configured to use Exchange/Outlook database option, and let’s say, user A had made changes to the settings/or raise a new ticket with a new ID. User B’s Outlook may not yet have the latest update of the settings (that was changed by user A) because of sync delay. And at that time, if user B raise a new ticket, the addin will read from the settings data source that is not current, and that could lead to assigning a ID to the new ticket that is not up-to-date. So, essentially, this could result in duplicate IDs being generated by multiple users. Furthermore, it could also result in Exchange conflict on the settings item. Hence, for production helpdesk, we recommend to switch the database to dedicated ones such as MS Access or SQL Server (or SharePoint).

If Access or SQL server is not an option for you, then you can opt to set the helpdesk settings data source to ‘Microsoft SharePoint’. This is also suitable for production helpdesk where you have multiple technicians with Team helpdesk addins installed on their systems. Though there is this additional requirement for SharePoint resource, and the that all technicians should have access to that SharePoint from their systems.

To switch helpdesk database between the types supported, refer to this article – Switch helpdesk database option from Access to SQL Server