Opening a case item in its form takes a long time to load

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When your Team Helpdesk Email history folders contain thousands of emails, you will find that previewing or opening a case item takes a longer time, as the add-in tries to search for associated emails to the case from a larger subset of the emails. To enhance this loading of the forms, we have added 3 options under ‘Team Helpdesk Manager > Case Options > Forms‘ tab.

Enabling these options would force Team Helpdesk add-in to skip probing for related emails for the case during the loading process and thus should decrease the time taken to show the form. And if you feel the need to see/access the related emails, just click the ‘Show Emails‘ button to load the emails on demand.

Further, in ‘Assets’ and ‘Related Cases’ tabs, we have added filter for case types so as to limit subset of cases to search for.