Office365 does not support public folder, then how to configure the Team Help desk folder in outlook?

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If you are using Office 365 with Outlook, you will notice that there are no Public Folders. However, in Team Helpdesk manual and video tutorials, it talks about installing the Team Helpdesk folders under Exchange Public folders so that all technicians of the helpdesk can have access to it from their Outlook. So, what is the workaround for Outlook connected to Office365 Exchange Online?

The answer is placing the ‘Team Helpdesk’ folders under a shared mailbox. That is, configure a common mailbox in your Office 365 Exchange and make it accessible to all helpdesk technicians from their Outlook (i.e., make this common mailbox as shared by granting full control to every users/technicians of your helpdesk). Refer to this KB article from on how to setup a shared mailbox in Office365 Exchange Online.

Once this common mailbox is setup and configured with the correct permissions, configure your Outlook profile to open this common mailbox under Accounts > Change Account > More Settings… > Advanced tab > Additional mailboxes.

You would then be able to access the common mailbox from within your Outlook. If you can’t see, you might have to click the ‘Folder View’ icon as illustrated below.

Now, Shutdown Outlook and you can proceed to install the Manager tool of Team Helpdesk (TeamHelpdeskManagerSetup.exe). And successful installation, start Outlook, and you will be prompted to specify the location in your Outlook under which the ‘Team Helpdesk’ root folder (containing the Ongoing Cases, Resolved Cases, KB, Settings, History subfolders) would be placed. You can then specify the root folder of the common mailbox (‘Support’ as per the screenshot above) or any subfolder.

Once the Team Helpdesk root folder is created successfully under the common mailbox, individual technician would need to configure their Outlook profile to open this common mailbox using the same steps mentioned above (Accounts > Change Account > More Settings… > Advanced tab > Additional mailboxes). And then they can start installing the Team Helpdesk Agent tool (TeamHelpdeskAgentSetup.exe) to their system after shutting down Outlook. When they start Outlook, they will be prompted to specify the location of an existing Team Helpdesk > Settings subfolder in Outlook. This is done one time, as the Team Helpdesk Agent add-in installed on that system does not know the location of Team Helpdesk folders. Once you feed the location, the Team Helpdesk Agent add-in would then remember and connect automatically to this folder from thereon.