Notifying supervisors and managers on new ticket and assignments

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To keep a tap on timely resolution of cases, the manager can enable notification alerts to supervisors when new cases are generated and new technicians assigned. You will find 3 such automated alerts in Team Helpdesk Manager > Notification Options > General Alerts tab. Each of this alert have their own template under Team Helpdesk Manager > Templates Manager.

* Alert Supervisors when a new assigned case is generated – This alert is sent to the supervisors when a new case is generated and assigned to technicians.

* Alert Supervisors when a case is assigned to technicians – This alert is sent to the supervisors when a new technician is assigned to an existing case.

On these two alerts, you can choose the supervisors type to use from Team Helpdesk Manager > Service Levels > Supervisorstab.

For instance, with the first option ‘Use Supervisors specific for each Technician‘, you can define supervisors for each technician in Team Helpdesk Manager > Technicians List panel.

With the second option ‘Common Supervisors for all technicians‘, you can use a global fixed supervisors.

* Alert Managers when a first time caller sends a support request – This alert is sent to managers when a new case is generated from an email sent by a first time caller that does not exist yet in the Team Helpdesk Manager > Callers list). You can define the managers to be notified under ‘Team Helpdesk Manager > Notification Options > Admin Notification’ tab.

Further, for this particular alert to work, you need to also enable the the option ‘Automatically add first time caller to callers list‘ under Team Helpdesk > Manager > Automation Options > Other Information tab.