Migrating Team Helpdesk folders to a new location

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You can migrate (move) the Team Helpdesk subfolders (Ongoing Cases, Resolved Cases, KB etc.) to a new location (either Exchange Public Folders or shared mailbox) by following the steps below:

1. As there might be multiple systems with Team Helpdesk add-ins installed, it is advisable that you request/instruct all those users of Team Helpdesk to shutdown Outlook on their systems during this period of migration.

2. From a system with the user (admin) having owner rights over the Team Helpdesk folders, start Outlook. And shutdown Team Helpdesk Add-ins from Outlook. Refer to this KB article – how to disable and shutdown both the helpdesk add-ins from Outlook

3. Right-click the root ‘Team Helpdesk’ folder and select ‘Move Folder’.

And then specify the new location from the ‘Move folder’ dialog box. And click OK. Verify that the move/migration step was successful.

3. And then shutdown your Outlook.

4. Now, we need to instruct the Team Helpdesk add-in in your system to look for the Team Helpdesk folders in the new location when Outlook starts. To do this, you would need to reset (delete) a particular registry key. Please try the following steps on that particular system:

  • Shutdown Outlook
  • Open Registry Editor (Start > Run > regedit.exe)
  • Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AssistMyTeam and right-click SCO.
  • And click ‘Delete‘.

5. Start Outlook. It should now prompt you to specify the location of the new Team Helpdesk Settings subfolder. After choosing it, the Team Helpdesk Agent/manager tool on that system would connect to it and would remember the location in subsequent operations. Re-configuring the helpdesk database should not be required as the information is already available in the Team Helpdesk Settings subfolder and the add-in would automatically read the database connection information contained in it.

6. Repeat step #3, #4 and #5 on every other system that has the Team Helpdesk Agent/Manager installed.