In the case form there is a new field ‘Problem Field’ linked with each ‘Problem Type’. What is the function of this field?

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  • In the case form there is a new field 'Problem Field' linked with each 'Problem Type'. What is the function of this field?
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Under the Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Problems list, a new drop down column is added. The possible values for this column should be definable by the Manager. This field should also appear in the Outlook case form, (just like the Problem Category and type fields). Select a particular problem type should automatically populate the corresponding value for this field too. Lastly, this new column (or field) should also be available in the summary reports and OLAP Statistics tool.

You can change the title of this problem field. For example, in the screenshot below, this special problem field is named as ‘Manager’, and the possible values are defined in the list.

When you open the case form, you will see a new field ‘Manager’ is now available with a drop down field. When you select a particular problem type, the value of this problem field (i.e., Manager) would be automatically assigned, based on the linked relationship, that existed in the Problems list.