How to implement archiving of old resolved cases in Team Helpdesk

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Why is archiving important to Team Helpdesk?

Over time, as the number of cases and emails in Team Helpdesk folders build up, the size of the folders and mailbox increases too. And one pitfall with Outlook having folders/mailboxes with thousands of case items/emails is the sluggish performance you will perceive in its normal operation. For instance, if the resolved cases contains thousands of old cases, and assuming there are other thousands of associated emails in the Team Helpdesk History folders, when you try to open an existing case, it may take longer to load and show the form and the fields. This is because Team Helpdesk scans your resolved cases folder for those cases that are related to the opened case (in terms of the caller, asset or company). And this scanning process will take time if you have thousands of cases and emails in the Team Helpdesk folders. Therefore, archiving old cases (say older than 30 days) and their associated emails out of Team Helpdesk folders (i.e., to a PST or another mailbox or public folder) would greatly help reduce the the scanning/probing time thereby increasing responsiveness and performance of Outlook and Team Helpdesk

Two modes of archiving old, resolved cases are supported:
a) Archive cases to a PST
b) Archive cases to another Shared mailbox or Public folder. This is the recommended way of archiving as it overcomes the limitation with using a PST data file (which is, PST file can’t be accessed and opened simultaneously by more than one person in their Outlook even if the PST file is shared on a network folder). Further, with this technique, the archived cases are searchable from Team Helpdesk and could be included in Summary Reports and OLAP Statistics too. And when a reply to an archived case is received, Team Helpdesk would automatically add that email to that case and re-opens it (i.e., the case would be un-archived and moved to the Ongoing Cases automatically). Moreover, only on this option, you can enable the auto archiving feature where the Team Helpdesk Manager add-in would scan for old resolved cases and their emails for archiving. You can define the number of days old/resolved cases that are to be kept in the Team Helpdesk > Resolved Cases folder before they are moved to the archived folder.

In both options, emails associated with the cases are also archived. At any time, you can retrieve back the archived cases from the ‘Retrieve archived cases/emails’ (second) tab. You can either display all the archived cases or apply a filter search using keywords or by technicians or problems. And choose those particular cases that you want to retrieve back to the resolved cases (or re-open them to the Ongoing Cases folder).