How to have stakeholders and other users involved passively on a case?

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Often a helpdesk may have the requirement to link certain stakeholders, apart from the caller, to a support case. Such users can be external vendors, contractors or secondary field technicians that are related to resolving the case, though might not be direct support technicians of the helpdesk. In Team Helpdesk, we have added a feature to associate any contacts from your Address Book (or Global Address List – GAL) to a particular case item, such that these associated users would receive a copy of the caller or technician specific automated notifications. Refer to Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Notification Options > Associated Users Alerts

For this purpose, the case form used in the Ongoing Cases and Resolved Cases folders are modified to accommodate a new tab ‘Associated Users’. From within tab, the manager would be able to assign the stakeholders or associates, by choosing from the address book. You will be able to email these associated users too, using the default ‘Email to Caller’ template from within the case form.

Additionally, in Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Callers list, a new column ‘Associated Users’ is added in the grid, to allow the manager to relate a particular caller (person who is asking for support) with one or more dependent associates/users. An empty button is provided for each caller, clicking which will allow choosing the users from address book/Global Address List. With this relationship, when a new case is generated from an email sent by an existing caller, Team Helpdesk would automatically assign the corresponding associates to the case, and they too would get notified.