How to fix the error ‘One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match.’

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You might receive the following error message in the add-in in Outlook:

One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and then try this operation again.

Earlier, we had written a KB article dedicated to understanding the cause of this conflict in Outlook/Exchange – Exchange Conflicts – Why does it occur?


In this article, we will explore how to fix this error by resolving the Conflict in Outlook. A conflicted item in Outlook shows up with a unique icon different from the normal email or case item.

Exchange Conflict in Outlook item

To fix it, double-click the conflicted item to open in its inspector window. You should get a ‘Conflict Message’ inspector window similar to one below.

Conflict Message - How to resolve in Outlook

(NOTE: If you don’t get the above ‘Conflict Message’ window when opening that conflicted Outlook item, try disabling the Agent add-in in your Outlook temporarily and then open the conflicted item again. After resolving the conflict, you can re-enable the add-in again. Refer to our ‘How to disable the Team Helpdesk Addin temporarily in Outlook’ for more detail)

Step 1: Choosing a specific version of the conflicted item to be retained. You will see 2 or more copies of the same Outlook item listed in the conflicted message. We recommend that you make note of the date/time the last edit was done (last column) and accordingly choose that version which was recently edited to be retained so that you don’t lose any new information that was added just before the conflict occurred. 

Step 2: After a particular version of the conflicted item is selected from the list, now, press the button ‘Keep This Item’ to resolve the conflict. Doing so, the conflict state on that particular item will be removed, and the item will appear as normal Outlook case item in the Team Helpdesk folder. If you had disabled the Agent add-in prior to performing these two steps, you can now re-enable the add-in.

Once a conflict state is resolved in the Outlook case item, the icon of that item should revert back to the normal one (pinned yellow note) as shown below:

Conflict Message - resolved