How to assign a new case number to an existing case?

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In Team Helpdesk, synchronization issue can sometimes creates duplicate case number on multiple cases. To overcome it, technician can have one of the duplicate case assigned with new case number.

To accomplish this, simply open the duplicated case and double click the case number. This would allow you to assign the next available case number.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the multiple cases on your ongoing cases.

  2. Open the case on which you want to assigned another case number and Double Click on the case number.

    After double Clicking, a window will pop in which you can generate new case number.

  3. Click the button ‘Generate next available number’.

    After clicking the button ‘Generate next available number’ a new case number will be generated.

    To confirm the new case number Click the ‘Confirm’ Button.

  4. Your existing case is now assigned with a new case number.