How do I set Team helpdesk to notify a group of technicians that there is a new unassigned case?

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Often in a helpdesk, tickets are generated from support requests without actually assigning a technician. May be the manager raising the ticket may not be aware who is best suited to attend and resolve the ticket. Or may be, your helpdesk policy may require that each technician look up the existing tickets and assign himself/herself if the ticket is their problem domain. And consider a scenario, where the tickets are generated automatically from incoming emails and not notified to all technicians of its existence. The manager or person responsible for raising the tickets may not have the time or forgot to notify each technician manually. This increase the response time, and defeats the very purpose of having a helpdesk system.

In Team Helpdesk, we have provided helpdesk administrator with the feature to set Team helpdesk to automatically notify a group of technicians when a new unassigned case is generated. Just go to Team Helpdesk Manager > Notification Option > Admin Notification tab. And then choose the particular technicians who would be notified automatically when a new case with unassigned technicians is generated.

Also, under Team Helpdesk Manager > Notification Options, enable the notification ‘Alert Managers when a new, unassigned case is generated’ (refer below)