How do I embed the PDF version of the emails and attachments back to email?

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Simply select the emails containing the attachments from your Inbox and under Email to PDF toolbar, under ‘Embed PDF version of attachments’ drop down menu, and click ‘Convert each attachment to separate PDF’.

Email before embedding the PDF version of the attachments:

Email after embedding a single PDF version, merged of all the attachments:

You can control and customize how the PDF version of the attachments are embedded back to the email under Email to PDF toolbar/ribbon > ‘Output Settings’ > ‘Embed PDF version of attachments to Email’ section.

Here, for example, you can choose to embed the PDF version of the individual attachment, or a merge, single PDF file version of all attachments back to the email.

There are many advantages of embedding back the PDF version of the attachments back to the email, such as the ability to easily preview all the non-PDF attachments of the copy of the processed email in your hand-held device. If you have an iPad, iPhone or other tablet devices, you would have probably experience the inability to view various attachment file formats from within your email. PDF format support is however built-in natively in most of these devices and you can easily preview the PDF attachment within the email.

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