Case ID sorting issues

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You may find that cases in the Ongoing or Resolved Cases folders are being sorted in a way that is not logical to you.

This could be because, that particular Outlook view is being sorted using the helpdesk field ‘Case.CaseNumber’ instead of ‘Case.CaseNumberS’. You can edit the Outlook view and change the sorting field to ‘Case.CaseNumberS’ to fix the sorting issue.


1. Right-click the Case ID column header > and click View Settings..

2. Click Sort…

3. From the Sort box, choose ‘User-defined fields in folder’ under ‘Select available fields from:’ option.

4. And from the ‘Sort Items by:’ option drop down, choose ‘Case.CaseNumberS’. Click OK. If it prompts that the field ‘Case.CaseNumberS’ is not visible in the View and if you would like to add it, click no. And continue.

5. Once that view setting window is closed, you will find that the cases are now correctly and logically sorted.